Rather: Another sign of a wider crack-up - 09/26/04

Rather: Another sign of a wider crack-up - 09/26/04


Victor Davis Hanson nails it again

Victor Davis Hanson on Dan Rather and Liberal Hypocrisy on National Review Online
From the article:
Commentators have envisioned Rather's fall as symbolic of a "paradigm shift" and the "end of the era" — an event that has crystallized the much larger and ongoing demise of the old establishment media. Allegories from the French Revolution and the emperor without any clothes to the curtain scene in The Wizard of Oz have been evoked to illustrate Rather's dilemma and the hypocrisy of all that went before. We have come a long way since the 1960s: The once-revolutionary pigs taking over the manor are now bloated and strutting on two legs as they feast on silver inside the farmhouse.

The Decline Of Media Power

OpinionJournal - Wonder Land: Dan Rather
And the Decline Of Media Power -- CBS is missing the story of its own decline.


Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - Service to Country

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth - Service to Country

Is John Kerry Mentally Ill?

Out of compassion - pure compassion - we should encourge Kerry get the help he needs.

President Bush served his country in the National Guard without pay

This is why President Bush's opponents can't find his pay records from the National Guard.

What Blogs Have Wrought

How the guys sitting at their computers in pajamas humiliated the suits at CBS News.

Help Narrow the Slogan Gap

Contribute slogan suggestions for Kerry here.


Truth through Forgery

Rather went on faith, not facts:
Even nihilists have faith in something. Usually they just marvel at themselves...

"They have eyes but they don't see"

CBS eye wide shut:

"Every day in this country, thousands of journalists try hard to earn and keep the trust of their readers, listeners and viewers. Now, with what looks like shoddy reporting on George W. Bush's career in the Texas Air National Guard, anchorman Dan Rather and his colleagues at CBS News have made it harder for all those other journalists to earn and keep trust."


Tables have turned for '60s radicals

Published at The American Thinker

I am very amused at the turnabout of fortunes on two levels.

Of course Dan Rather, CBS, and the liberal media are finally starting to experience justice served. To them. At them. But the broader issue of their self-righteous ignorance is what I find so amusing.

My perspective as an elementary school student in the sixties, and son of a WWII vet, was that my older brothers' friends feared the draft and opposed the Vietnam war simply to save their own skin. There was no initial clamor for high moral ground. When protest groups formed that gave credence and vocabulary to their selfish fear, the deception began. I recall laughing out loud when I first heard some protester say "don't trust anyone over thirty." I knew they'd be thirty someday, but they never saw it.

They railed against "the establishment."
They hated it. I heard it over and over. It's safe to say everyone heard it. They wanted to slow it with sit-ins or stop it with activism. They hated that establishment would not listen to the alternative viewpoint of youth nor acknowledge changes to their post-Eisenhower world. Protesters vowed to alter the world, and chose radical, chaotic methods to effect what change they could. They shouted "power to the people" and "the whole world's watching," but my parents' generation didn't understand it.

Yet now the former protesters live multiple lies. Because not only are they over thirty (or forty or fifty), but many who initially wanted to change the world have now become what they hated -- the stodgy "establishment". Academia and the self-labelled mainstream press today refuses to listen to alternate opinions, nor accept changes to their rigid world view. Today, the people - the citizenry - have the power to express their own opinions in the radical, chaotic realm of the internet. But the generation of liberal reporter/observers and professor/understanders neither see nor understand what happened to them this week with RatherGate.

For this ignorance and hypocracy, I laugh. At them. Because after their years of observing technology develop while their font of new ideas ran dry, they never saw change coming. And now the conservative blogosphere is the source of radical expressionism in the face of their social orthodoxy.