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Why Blogs Are Like Tulips: "Blogs aren't mainly about money, not yet. They're about taking power and control away from the old brand names, tipping the bloated sacred cows off their pedestals. Just as establishment media outlets have always dreamed about bringing down presidents, bloggers dream about bringing down editors-in-chief and news anchors."

Not just blogs, though. The "establishment" of the fifties and sixties was hated by the selfish anti-war crowd and their over-educated enablers. Now that the hippies are wearing suits in the establishment they built during the Carter-Clinton years, they can't stand that someone is questioning authority.

I chronicle the turnabout.


Low morality comes home to roost at CBS

: "Mr. Howard, those sources said, has hired a lawyer to develop a breach-of-contract suit against the network. Ms. Murphy and Ms. West have likewise hired litigators, according to associates of theirs, and all three remain CBS employees and collect weekly salaries from the company that asked them to tender their resignations."


Today's Two-fer

At My Way News, Democrats Elect Howard Dean As Chairman and some people acknowledge they've now hit the bottom: "'We only have one way to go, and that's up,' said a Georgia Demcratic delegate".

"Democrats are not pro-abortion, but 'we are the party in favor of allowing women to make up their own minds about their health care,' Dean, a physician, said."
Even though that means always being anti-abortion, anti-children, and pro-narcissism.

"Democrats are not for gay marriage, but 'we are the party that has always believed in equal rights under the law for all people,' he said."
Even if it means trampling the rights and wishes of 70 to 80% of the population, he should have added.

'We are the party of moral values,' Dean said. 'There is nothing moral about cutting 300 million dollars that is used to feed starving children.'
Except killing 300 million babies per year, before they ever have the chance to be held by their own mothers.

Another first down in the football field of politics

My Way News: "CNN News Executive Eason Jordan Quits"


Changing Times: Damping class action suits

"Bush's triumph came as the Senate voted 72-26 to shield businesses from class-action lawsuits by funneling most cases out of state courts and into the less receptive federal courts." See New York Post Online Edition


HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: What's Wrong with These Democrats? by Cary Eldred

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: What's Wrong with These Democrats? by Cary Eldred: "'Would they have voted for the War for Independence if they had been a representative to the Continental Congress?' "


Transparently Pointless Liberalism

Fantastic article asks "What do Democrats stand for? The real question is, what do they stand against?"