The American Thinker

Birdnow, American Thinker: "the left tries to use Darwin to fight an either/or battle over the validity of the Bible, and by extension the existence of God."


The Atheistic Faith

TNR Online | The Faith That Dare Not Speak Its Name: "the Oxford English Dictionary defines a scientific theory as 'a scheme or system of ideas or statements held as an explanation or account of a group of facts or phenomena; a hypothesis that has been confirmed or established by observation or experiment, and is propounded or accepted as accounting for the known facts.'"

And yet the faithful evolutionists rail against Intelligent Design.

The place their faith in man's limited understanding, as well as a few outright stubborn lies. I particularly enjoyed telling my daughter about the black and white moths pinned on the trees in her "science" textbook.

As an electrical engineer, I use real science. Observable, experimental, replicatable science. Not the anecdotal stuff rampant on both sides of the evolution debate. Of course evolution occurs. Observable biology has shown the existence of vestigal wings of kiwis, for instance.

The problem is when scientists leave deductive science behind and make inductive conclusions, like 'put enough random micro variations together and you get a random macro variation'.
Or when they leave science behind and turn to theology: 'I can't believe in a God that would allow parasitic wasps eat cute innocent larvae'.


Life as a Drug Dealer

My Life as a Drug Dealer - Newsweek Society - MSNBC.com: "Former meth seller discusses how he got into the business"

Meth: America's Most Dangerous Drug

America's Most Dangerous Drug - Newsweek Society - MSNBC.com: "cheap and easy death"


The American Spectator

The American Spectator: "Undo Darwinism"

Punitive Liberalism

Punitive Liberalism: "From

the time of John Kennedy's assassination in 1963 to Jimmy Carter's election in 1976, the Democratic party was gradually taken over by a bizarre doctrine that might be called Punitive Liberalism. According to this doctrine, America had been responsible for numerous crimes and misdeeds through its history for which it deserved punishment and chastisement. "